Misleading Product Facts


Not much, or occasionally, is still too much. There’s no safe threshold for tobacco products, or for anything else that’s smoked.

For many years, the tobacco companies insinuated that some tobacco products, such as light cigarettes, were less harmful, but this simply wasn’t true. So whenever a new tobacco product is launched, it’s important to look at the underlying marketing tactic.

When you smoke a shisha, you inhale the same poisonous by-products as cigarette smokers. That means you’re exposed to the same risk of addiction, cancer, cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease.

Depending on the type of device, the length of the session and the method used, shisha smokers may inhale up to 48 times more smoke than cigarette smokers. In other words, they’re exposed to the by-products of more than 100 cigarettes!

The fact of sharing the same shisha pipe can also lead to the transmission of contagious diseases such as hepatitis, tuberculosis and influenza.

Cigars and some joints give off three to five times more toxic by-products than cigarettes.

Just because you don’t inhale cigar smoke doesn’t mean it’s less dangerous. Instead of your lungs, it’s your mouth that’s affected by the poisons, exposing you to oral problems or, worse, cancer of the mouth.

Chewing tobacco and snuff increase the risk that you’ll contract cancer of the mouth, lips, tongue, gums and throat.

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) containing nicotine aren’t effective as a means of quitting. They keep smokers addicted to nicotine and cause non-smokers to become addicted.

Snus contains more nicotine than cigarettes, and can therefore be highly addictive.

For sellers, new tobacco products serve the same purpose as old products, namely to transform consumers into addicts and slaves.

Any smoke generated by burning a product is a threat to the respiratory system if inhaled.

The main reason why humans end up breathing in smoke on a regular basis is that it contains a drug which causes them to become addicted and to need even more smoke.

There are two main reasons why teens start using tobacco products: to be like their friends, and to improve their image.


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