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What’s new?

What’s new?


Join the movement! You can play an active part in achieving the first tobacco-free generation by adopting a no-tobacco […]

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Unmask the Murderer of the Century! Register your group of teens for an activity meant to guess the identity of the murderer of the century and the weapon used to commit the crime.

What? Using hints and compelling staging, teens are invited to identify the murderer of the century and the traps that […]

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Adult Facilitators

If you want to play an active part in achieving the first tobacco-free generation, why not adopt a no-tobacco policy in your community thanks to these easy-to-use tools!

Share your experience (facilitating factors and obstacles) and/or send us photos at [email protected].

Youth Coalition Against Smoking projects…

  • Are aimed at staging anti-smoking activities that can be integrated into a broader context involving the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits;
  • Heighten awareness among smokers and non-smokers in youth centres, schools and communities;
  • Address a variety of smoking-related issues;
  • Help to bring about changes in youth environments;
  • Get youth involved in staging activities, since it is proven that teens are more receptive to anti-smoking messages when they are conveyed by peers rather than adults.

The Youth Coalition Against Smoking targets organizations with low, medium and high rates of young smokers. Prevention is of paramount importance. It is the key to preventing youth from taking up smoking in large numbers.


The Youth Coalition Against Smoking offers a variety of ways to participate, based on your organization’s capability:

1- Participate in turnkey activities.

Turnkey activities are simple and fun to carry out. The materials required to present these activities are provided free of charge.

For more on upcoming activities, subscribe to the YCAS newsletter or contact your regional smoking prevention specialist.

2- Customize your project and develop it in tandem with youth in your community.

Want to do even more? Start your own Youth Coalition Against Smoking and develop your projects using the Youth Smoking Prevention and Action Kit. This useful tool provides complete guidelines as well as tricks for carrying out actions that exert a powerful impact while helping to mobilize youth. You could even receive financing to carry out your projects.

Contact your regional smoking prevention specialist to order a free Youth Smoking Prevention and Action Kit and receive support in developing your project.