Oxygen Commando

The Oxygen Commando denounces Tobacco Onscreen

Do you realize how many movies, television programs and video games feature characters who smoke cigarettes? We don’t always notice tobacco onscreen because it’s become ordinary and “normal”. And yet:

  • Between 1999 and 2006, three-quarters of all successful movies aimed at teen audiences included scenes with cigarettes.
  • Movie scenes showing tobacco use have a greater impact on audiences than cigarette advertising.
  • Teens who are regularly exposed to onscreen tobacco use are three times as likely to start smoking.

The Oxygen Commando is aware of this, and its mission is to fight the exaggerated use of tobacco onscreen. Its members, all between 12 and 17 years of age, present short sketches in public to denounce the problem and influence public opinion.

If your YCAS wants to set up an Oxygen Commando:

Start by visiting the Oxygen Commando website for further information. Once on the site, you can order a Guide containing original sketches that you can present to the public. It will serve as inspiration for your activities!

There’s strength in unity! Talk to other teens and an adult leader from your school or youth centre. You need at least six teens to set up an Oxygen Commando.

Ask the leader to contact the Oxygen Commando officer at the Quebec Council on Tobacco and Health for costumes and other materials:

Anny Doyon
514-948-5317, poste 230

Commando Oxygene

To view photos of the commandos in action, visit the site!